Properties of the ixml grammar

If I were to ask you what were the properties of the ixml grammar that are 
interesting, what would you answer?
Here is my list, but have I omitted anything that you have noticed?

* All meaningful characters are in attributes.
* All non-meaningful characters are deleted.
* 'Whitespace' includes both space characters and comments, and while 
spaces are deleted in the output, comments are not. This means that the 
placing of the space rules has to make sure that comments do not end up in 
* The marks for a rule are always on the definition; they are never 
overridden in use.
* Understandably, it is strict and not permissive.
* The way that double quotes in a string are reduced to a single quote is 
mildly noteworthy.
* Some syntactic structures are identified by the presence of an attribute 
rather than having their own element, such as <literal string="..."/>  
<literal hex="..."/>

Anything else?

Best wishes,

Received on Monday, 17 October 2022 14:29:04 UTC