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Re: Minutes for ixml community group call 11 October 2022

From: Norm Tovey-Walsh <norm@saxonica.com>
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2022 10:07:21 +0100
To: public-ixml@w3.org
Message-ID: <m2pmetzajc.fsf@saxonica.com>
> 1 Norm to move the erratum from 'Proposed' to 'Accepted'.

Done, https://invisiblexml.org/1.0/errata.html

> 3 Norm to make XML displayable in all browsers


  https://invisiblexml.org/current/ixml.ixml.html and

I’ve also made these pages available for the 1.0 grammar as I don’t
think that makes any changes to the normative specification. Although
I’ve linked to them from the invisiblexml.org homepage, I haven’t
updated the link in the 1.0 specification.

> 4 Norm to inform group how build process will work

It’s all in place now, see


for the instructions. I’m happy to add more to that page if it’s
necessary, but I hope it’s actually pretty straightforward.

I have made a few styling changes to the spec. Apologies if these were
not in my remit. Mostly these were motivated by trying to make it more
accessible. I’ve removed the background shading on the code listings and
replaced it with a border. The syntax highlighted code listings use
colors selected specifically from a colorblind safe pallet.


We can now review pull requests with formatted specifications and
generated diffs. These are automatically displayed on the dashboard


There are four waiting for review:

* PR 157 implements E001 in the current specification
* PR 158 makes a few very minor ammendments to the specification
* PR 159 enables syntax highlighting for code examples in the

  I hope this isn’t controversial, I think it’s an improvement.

* PR 160 implements the change to forbid C0 and C1 control characters

  I don’t recall if we agreed that the control character change was an
  erratum against 1.0 so I haven’t drafted that yet. If we agree that it
  is, I can do that.

> 2 Norm to write a proposal that covers the c0 c1 problem in strings

Done, https://invisiblexml.org/pr/160/index.html

                                        Be seeing you,

Norm Tovey-Walsh

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