Re: regrets for 19 April

I'll be on a train from Amsterdam to London that arrives at 18:00 my time, which is a half hour after the call ends, so I anticipate being able to join, possibly with poor video connectivity.

On Sunday 17 April 2022 18:22:24 (+02:00), Norm Tovey-Walsh wrote:

> > My regrets; owing to travel I will be unable to attend the call on
> > Tuesday 19 April; I will also be unable to send out an agenda for the
> > call.
> I’ll plan to construct an issues summary as a fallback agenda.
> We have an electrician coming “on Tuesday afternoon” at an unspecified
> time, so I suppose Bethan and I could suddenly be absent. Apologies, if
> that happens.
> (We got a new stove, but the new stove trips the circuit breaker. Not
> immediately, but after about five minutes. Long enough for the
> installers to have packed up our old stove and driven away. :-(
> We anticipate having the whole house rewired, but I’ve no idea if that’s
> a “we can start next week” thing or a “we can can schedule that in a
> couple of months” thing. If it’s the latter, I sure hope the stove can
> be rigged up somehow.)
> Be seeing you,
> norm
> --
> Norm Tovey-Walsh
> Saxonica

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