Re: DMA amendments

I meant to copy over the list, since these are good starting points for us to consider. From the proposed regulation:

(2) 'Core platform service' means any of the following:
(a) online intermediation services;
(b) online search engines;
(c) online social networking services;
(d) video-sharing platform services;
(e) number-independent interpersonal communication services;

the amendments add:

(fa) web browsers;
(fb) virtual assistants;
(fc) connected TV;

Of course, any regulatory requirement to interoperate (if any) won't necessarily be as broad as these categories; it may be imposed regarding a more specific area or function. 


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>> So, this was something I also tried to understand: The differentiation between “core” and “auxiliary”-service …
> This is regulation, so the words mean what the law says they mean, rather than what they mean in common language. Here, the definitions are in Article 2, plus some others that are taken from other sources (e.g. the Electronic Communications Code 2018/1972 for "number-independent interpersonal communication service"). 
> In the end, "core platform services" are the (exhaustive - expanding it will require another law) list of services that are regulated by the DMA and that generally constitute the main service of a platform product (e.g. video sharing for Youtube, search for Google, social media for Facebook...), while "ancillary services" are horizontal, cross-product support services that each platform generally provides throughout their products; here the list is non-exhaustive and there is a general definition in 2(14), which however also specifies a few things that definitely fall within the definition, i.e. payments, including in-app, identification, advertising and fulfilment (product/parcel delivery).
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