Re: DMA amendments

I don't want to be a party breaker here or anything like that... But to be
honest, until there's a final text, we should remain cautious about any
definitions/etc. Especially 'amendments'. Just saying: let's be. careful

pt., 7 sty 2022 o 16:45 Vittorio Bertola <>

> Il 06/01/2022 18:23 Sebastian Lasse <> ha scritto:
> So, this was something I also tried to understand: The differentiation
> between “core” and “auxiliary”-service …
> This is regulation, so the words mean what the law says they mean, rather
> than what they mean in common language. Here, the definitions are in
> Article 2, plus some others that are taken from other sources (e.g. the
> Electronic Communications Code 2018/1972 for "number-independent
> interpersonal communication service").
> In the end, "core platform services" are the (exhaustive - expanding it
> will require another law) list of services that are regulated by the DMA
> and that generally constitute the main service of a platform product (e.g.
> video sharing for Youtube, search for Google, social media for
> Facebook...), while "ancillary services" are horizontal, cross-product
> support services that each platform generally provides throughout their
> products; here the list is non-exhaustive and there is a general definition
> in 2(14), which however also specifies a few things that definitely fall
> within the definition, i.e. payments, including in-app, identification,
> advertising and fulfilment (product/parcel delivery).
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