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On 12/6/21 9:54 AM, Robin Berjon wrote:
> On 2021-12-06 02:29, Mark Nottingham wrote:
>> 2) Where we want to react to a such a proposal made elsewhere (e.g.,
>> when a competition regulator or other national body selects
>> something)
>> (…)
>> #2 requires us to wait -- I'm not aware of any current, concrete
>> proposals for interoperability remedies from regulators. Have I missed
>> any?
> Specifically on this topic, I wonder if there would be value in
> proactively reaching out to the people working on such provisions. Not
> to claim that we have an answer to everything, but to make contact and
> get a sense of priorities. (I think this group is reasonably credible
> without having yet produced output.) This could help shape what we're
> working on.

Just a note, with my W3C team hat on: please be clear in communications
that you are not speaking "for W3C," but as an individual (affiliated
with a W3C Community Group, not a formally chartered Working Group).

That said, conversations sound like a good way to develop use cases and


> Two pieces of draft legislation come to mind here: ACCESS in the US and
> the DMA in Europe. We could start having some conversations there, and
> maybe get a sense of what their expectations are when the delegate
> responsibility for interoperation to (respectively) NIST and CEN.

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