OpenGeospatial Member Meeting

The OGC will have their member meeting w/o 15 June. The meeting will be 
conducted through GoToMeeting.

Of potential interest is the session at 10:10 on Tuesday (16 June) by 
the Geopose Standards Working Group (SWG) led by Christine Perey.

The event info is at

 From the public info page (url below)


    All physical world objects inherently have a geographically-anchored
    pose. Unfortunately, there is not a standard for universally
    expressing the pose in a manner which can be interpreted and used by
    modern computing platforms. The main purpose of this SWG will be to
    develop and propose a standard for geographically-anchored pose
    (geopose) with 6 degrees of freedom referenced to one or more
    standardized Coordinate Reference Systems (CRSs).

        *Definition of geopose*

        A real object in space can have three components of translation
        – up and down (z), left and right (x) and forward and backward
        (y) and three components of rotation – Pitch, Roll and Yaw.
        Hence the real object has six degrees of freedom.

        The combination of position and orientation with 6 degrees of
        freedom of objects in computer graphics and robotics are usually
        referred to as the object’s “pose.” Pose can be expressed as
        being in relation to other objects and/or to the user. Some part
        of the object must be recognized as the anchor (or origin) of
        the position. When a pose is defined relative to a geographical
        frame of reference or coordinate system, it will be called a
        geographically-anchored pose, or geopose for short.

The Geopose SWG public info page is at

*Leonard Daly*
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