Immersive Web Working Group Teleconference - 2020-05-26

Call Agenda

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   - administrivia#96 Virtual TPAC???
   <> -

/agenda to work out what we want to do for tpac.

   - webxr#1036 "Ensure an immersive device" cannot be run in parallel
   <> requested by

I see four rough options:

   1. Remove the xrCompatible flag from getContext(), notify users that
   they should use makeXRCompatible() instead, which is asynchronous. This
   will break existing content unless we stop erroring when the XR
   compatible <> flag
   is not set.
   2. Same as (1), but we also stop erroring when the XR compatible
   <> flag is not set.
   This will not break existing content because browsers do not do anything
   meaningful with this flag *yet*, but existing content may continue to
   obliviously use this flag and eventually break when browsers start handling
   this. Furthermore, the "context isn't xr compatible" error is _useful_On
   the other hand, it gets rid of the partial dictionary and the weird
   getContext()-patching we're doing which isn't very kosher anyway.
   3. Allow xrCompatible to introduce slow sync behavior in getContext(),
   perhaps with a deprecation warning. This is not great; slow sync APIs are
   4. Have .getContext({xrCompatible: true}) behave like .getContext() +
   makeXRCompatible(), where we create a context for the device if we know
   what it is, otherwise create a normal context, and then trigger context
   loss/restore if it turns out that we were supposed to create a different
   context. This is slightly weird and applications may be forced to handle
   the context loss event in select cases on select devices. In a perfect
   world they would be doing this anyway, however I suspect a lot of content
   isn't. This puts us in a similar bucket as 2., where this is not a breaking
   change, but when browsers implement this we will start having problems, and
   that too only with specific devices.

Our current spec makes the getContext() API block, which is really bad and
we should discuss ways to avoid that. None of the choices are particularly

   - webxr#1041 Reporting pose data depends on the state of the document?
   <> requested by

cc @avadacatavra

for discussions of security implications

   - webxr#1058 Various changes around null and emulated poses
   <> requested by

to discuss the changes being made here

Web Working Group Teleconference - 2020-05-26
San Francisco (U.S.A. - California) Tuesday, May 26, 12:00 PM PDT
Boston (U.S.A. - Massachusetts) Tuesday, May 26, 3:00 PM EDT
London (United Kingdom - England) Tuesday, May 26, 8:00 PM GMT+1
Paris (France) Tuesday, May 26, 9:00 PM GMT+2
Tokyo (Japan) Wednesday, May 27, 4:00 AM GMT+9
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Tuesday, May 26, 7:00 PM UTC

Chair: Ada Rose Cannon


IRC: #immersive-web Instructions

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Here are some issues which are good issues to get involved in, if you have
taken responsibility for one leave a comment in the issue:

   - webvr-polyfill-dpdb#34 Create a helper script/web page for generating
   values for a new device
   - webxr#363 Clarification of mouse behavior when in an exclusive view
   <> [Pre-CR]
   - webxr#603 What happens if a canvas with an xrCompatible context is
   attached to the DOM? <>
   [Pre-CR] <>
   - webxr-input-profiles#69 Resizing the window changes the model viewer's
   aspect ratio
   - webxr-gamepads-module#16 Add link to the registry
   - webxr#913 Context loss handling in makeXRCompatible does not make sense
   <> [Pre-CR]
   - webxr#1045 Discuss video capture "third eye" views and quad displays

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