Crypto HW. Re: Web Cryptography Working Group scoping progressing...

IMO it doesn't make sense to include explicit support for Crypto HW
in a W3C WG.

Rationale: This is already a lost case since the smart card industry
haven't even begun thinking about this issue although quite a bunch
of their favorite customers including the financial sector and
Government actually do request solutions that allow them to get
away from all the proprietary plugins they currently use.

These guys have developed a "de jure" standard:
Nobody outside of their backyard cares about it.

BTW, I have yet to see a single proposal that bridges the gap
between the JS/JSON people and the ISO-7816/GP folks.  They have
probably never met :-)

Please don't take this as criticism, it is just a friendly advice.


Received on Wednesday, 16 November 2011 21:47:09 UTC