Next Steps for Web Cryptography API and Identity work

Hope everyone enjoyed TPAC and the discussion so far - as you can tell, 
things have been moving.

Here's the plan:

1) Web Cryptography API: The draft charter will remain in the wiki one 
more week to allow more discussion, and then I will move it over to HTML 
(perhaps calling for another AC update). We will also want external 
review of this charter from the IETF (in particular JOSE WG),  all major 
browser vendors, and other AC members. Then we will move to AC review 
the first week of January.

So I need help with the following:

- Let's settle scoping this week
- Chair candidates by end of the month
- Who all should be part of the review?

2) Identity WG should go to a Community Group for the time being until 
the scope, requirements, and APIs are more mature and have more 
cross-vendor support. Again, we will not 'rubber-stamp' any existing 
work :) In fact, we will do the opposite, making sure things have time 
to mature. However, the W3C is committed to improving the security of 
user-centric identity. We just will do the Web Cryptography work first 
until industry consensus develops more around identity.


Received on Friday, 11 November 2011 10:44:58 UTC