Re: Web Crypto WG and XKMS

On 11/02/2011 09:28 AM, Stephen Farrell wrote:
> XKMS was an angle bracket adjunct to PKI devoted to protocols as you note. There has been little or no adoption.
> I'd say this WG could be inspired by some of that work, or not, as they choose, and it'll be fine.

I think to the extent this WG *may* go after formats, it will do in 
liason with the IETF JOSE WG, i.e. using JSON-based formats. For all 
sorts of relatively obvious reasons, this being a Javascript API [1].

That's in the charter already.

> Stephen (former XKMS co-chair)
> On 2 Nov 2011, at 08:17, Dan Brickley<>  wrote:
>> Hi
>> Looking at
>> "The goal of this Working Group provide standards around key storage
>> and cryptographic primitives that will provide capabilities that are
>> currently difficult to do safely on the Web platform. "
>> (+1 on the new name btw)
>> How does this relate to the earlier XKMS work?
>> e.g.
>> Abstract: "This document specifies protocols for distributing and
>> registering public keys, suitable for use in conjunction with the W3C
>> Recommendations for XML Signature [XML-SIG] and XML Encryption
>> [XML-Enc]. The XML Key Management Specification (XKMS) comprises two
>> parts — the XML Key Information Service Specification (X-KISS) and the
>> XML Key Registration Service Specification (X-KRSS)."
>> It seems the latter emphasises protocols (and hence leans more towards
>> SOAP/WSDL than APIs), while the former emphasises in-browser APIs, but
>> they share a concern for key storage and management?
>> Are there any pieces of work that can be shared across these use cases?
>> cheers,
>> Dan

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