IDCG meeting agenda


Day: Tuesday 17 November
Time: 2PM UTC.
Duration: 55 minutes.

Meeting information (Zoom, IRC etc.):

We will use IRC for taking meeting minutes and Zoom "raise hand" to 
manage the queue.


1. Personal pronouns in W3C profiles

It has been suggested that the option to add your personal pronouns to 
your W3C profile would be a positive change. Ralph and Wendy have asked 
IDCG for comment on the following points and questions:

* To support individuality, the personal pronouns field will be user 
editable (not a choice from a predetermined set of options).

* To encourage people to provide their personal pronouns, the personal 
pronouns section will always be displayed on a person's profile, even 
when no pronouns have been indicated.

* Are there known best practices that could be used to check what is 
entered into the personal pronouns field to avoid the content 
intentionally or unintentionally causing offence?

2. Next steps with the BLM statement

The little discussion this question provoked seems to suggest we should 
focus our efforts on practical activities rather than reworking the BLM 

The aim of this agenda item is for the IDCG to decide what it wants to 
focus on, so we can make progress with whatever it may be.

3. Actions

Updates and progress on any open actions.


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