RE: Fullwidth/upright vertical characters in Mongolian


1.) There is still a lot of discussion that needs to happen in the area of punctuation.

There is impact here with full-width characters being used as I remember.

We still need to agree upon the actual code-points for the full set of punctuation as used in Mongolian.

I cannot comment on the need for full-width characters being needed in common Mongolian writing aside from the punctuation set.

2.) The common answer is that vertical Mongolian text with Latin (Latin only as an example of a non-vertical script) text inserted such as this

[cid:image004.jpg@01D27364.2B8E0FE0]is considered the standard form and should therefore be the expected default. However as digital typography continues to develop, the option to display Latin or other non-vertical scripts inserted in the vertical Mongolian text such as this …

[cid:image002.png@01D27362.0351FDE0]will be considered a desirable alternate format. I have wanted in the past to display numerals inserted into Mongolian vertical text both laid down as in the first image and also rotated 270 degrees clockwise as in the second image example. The capabilities at that time (maybe two years back) were limited. Good to see from your article that new capabilities that are coming about.



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Subject: Fullwidth/upright vertical characters in Mongolian

The article is

Styling vertical Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Mongolian text

The specific questions are:

1. Are fullwidth Latin characters needed for Mongolian?

2. Is it common to have upright characters in vertically set Mongolian?



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