Mongolian variants doc updated

I have made the following changes to the document at

[1] hidden the columns relating to specifications other than DS01.  You 
can access them via the blue bar as described in the introduction to the 
page, but i consider that at this stage of the process they are more 
likely to confuse new people than to help.

[2] added colour styling for 'FVS Mismatch' and 'Research needed' for 
Greg, and markup up a few entries with those.

[3] corrected a couple of entries wrt the NP column compared to DS01

[4] reorganised and in parts rewrote the introductory information, to 
make things clearer and more up to date

if you want to track down the changes, you can find diffs for the 
commits at

hope that helps,

Received on Monday, 18 April 2016 14:55:37 UTC