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Hi Badral,


I think this suggestion is Unicode code point based suggestion.

What we talking about is the isolate form exist before the Unicode Proposal.

All of the Mongolian who can read write Traditional Mongolian script,
should know the isolate form of O/U and OE/UE is same in real world.


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Here is the suggestion of Mr. Jamyansuren. He also voted for BS & MS


On 27.09.2015 12:08, Greg Eck wrote:



Yes, if you could send the group some textbook images showing the teaching
of the  , that would be helpful.


If we look at the Todo, we find the FangZhen font has one difference. I am
asking the Fangzhen engineer to comment on this now also.


But, can you tell us why the White font uses the initial in U+184F and
U+1859? Why would you say that this this correct - especially in light of
the other fonts’ shaping differences?





*        What do we print on a keyboard for these four letters? I would
think it would be .   

Yes, for identification.

*        What shaping do you get for the sequence
<U+1823><SPACE><U+1824><SPACE><U+1825><SPACE><U+1826>? If we give the
shaping as be how do we answer the pupil when he/she asks why there is a

It is the true, we are all teaching pupil in this way until now.

*        When we are teaching the alphabet in the classroom, do we teach
or  ? 

It is the first group. We can provide some text book copy next week.

*        It would seem very strange to be giving instruction where you are
teaching two different letters with exactly the same form. 

Yes, it is. But it is the Traditional Mongolian writing.


Actually, the Todo, Manchu is created for removing these kind of ambiguous
writing forms (two or four character have same writing mode).


But when we define the Unicde code point, we selected some characters like ,
,     for Sibe and Manchu. 

All of these form is not the isolate form actually. 


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