thread flattener

last week i developed a simple thread flattener at

it occurred to me that this may be useful for someone like Peter, who 
just joined the list, but it's also useful if you have had a few days 
out (like me) to catch up on threads.  It may also help to quickly 
locate a particular email or a mention of something particular (since 
you can search the whole thread in one go).

you can add the url of an email, or a subject line to the input field at 
the top and it will display a list of email messages with matching 
subject fields rather like a github or bugzilla issue list. It also 
allows you to interact with the list in various ways.

however, one thing became apparent when i tested it on the 
public-i18n-mongolian list, however: we tend to send very long emails, 
with masses of text hanging on the end from previous emails.  Unless 
someone has a reason for continuing with that approach, i'd suggest that 
we try to keep the emails as short as possible in future, quoting only 
the relevant text we want to comment on.

just a suggestion,

Received on Wednesday, 2 September 2015 18:25:06 UTC