Re: Error in Richard's Variant Forms Document for QA and GA.

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> > 'isolate' changes from initial masculine QA to undotted feminine QA.
> > 'is+fvs1' changes from undotted feminine QA to dotted feminine QA.
> > 'is+fvs2' changes from dotted feminine QA to blank.
> No. The TR170 is the out of date one. Current acceptable isolate QA
> is the masculine initial form.

So what does Richard Ishida mean by 'Q: Prof Quejingzhabu's document'?
His introduction leads me to believe it is the 蒙古文编码 by
Professor Quejingzhabu in 2000.  I checked that the relevant encodings
were the same in both TR170 and Mengguwen Bianma, and have noted where
they are different.

Are you trying to rewrite the past?  Note that my corrections are for
the Q and UVSL columns.  I wasn't proposing a change to the NP column.

> The feminine QA have same written form with feminine GA and it is
> ambiguous.

So?  We know the encoding's horrible.

> Please refer my suggestion.
> ml

You've overlooked a few hundred years of history.  The encoding isn't
just for Modern Mongolian.


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