RE: Reference Scheme for Mongolian Rendering

Hi Richard, 

Attached please find the rules for the four over-rides.
I did this a bit fast, everyone please look over carefully to see if I made a mistake.


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Subject: Reference Scheme for Mongolian Rendering

Looking at Greg's list of data sets (DS...) in his post of Saturday 8th August ('Mongolian Variation Sequences Missing from Unicode 8.00 Code Chart',
), we are missing two important items:

1) A reference scheme for rendering.  I offer one in the attachment rendering_framework.odt.

2) The rules for contextual forms that may be overridden by variation selectors.  Without these rules, we do not know whether we have an adequate set of variation selectors for rendering connected text.

I am trying to identify the contextual rules, though I am not the best person for the job.  NNBSP has me worried.  Do we need to identify suffix rules for every language that might conceivably be written in the Mongolian script with separated suffixes?


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