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On 09.08.2015 20:00, Richard Wordingham wrote:
> But <A-isolate, FVS1> is to be rendered as default isolated E! That is 
> agreed by all fonts and definitions. The purpose of free variation 
> selectors is to overrule the decisions of the basic context rules.
> -----------
>> What I am talking is we need this kind on mapping separately in the
>> individual font or define it common to all font?
> Each font has its own mappings.  For example, in one font identical
> glyphs corresponding to different codepoints may have different
> PostScript names.  Another font might have no PostScript names.
> After this forum complete and getting conclusion, I think the glyph
> set TR120 will be updated.
> You're right in principle if you're talking about TR170.  Someone (you?)
> posted a set of example words, and I can't find the link.  I want to
> check the spelling of the name Ng.  I've a suspicion it's actually an
> isolated ANG.
Exactly. The TR170 has to be updated.
>> The Variant Form mapping rule is the core.
> I disagree.  The context rules are the core.  The job of the variant
> form mappings is to overrule the results when they are inadequate.
Exactly. Thank you for the correct direction. I sent an email to raise 
this point actually, by terms like top-down, bottom-up approaches to 
develop fonts.
>> Just look one cooperation here:
>> 1. Replacing final <BA, A> with < Final_BA_A glyph> one step
>> 2.  Replace BA before A with the <Medial_BA_A glyph>
>>      Replace the A with the <Final_A> by context
>>      Replace <Final_A> after <Medial_BA_A glyph> with
>> <Final_A_UNENCODED_2>
>> Which is simple and cheap?
> The second - fewer glyphs to write the hinting code for!
> Additionally, in the OpenType scheme 'Replace the A with <Final_A> by
> context' would be part of a whole set of changes 'Replace X with
> <Final_X>' defined as part of the "fina" feature.  The font does not
> need to define the context for this change; that is the job of the
> OpenType layout engine.


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