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Thanks Richard for helping us keep on track,

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dear all,

this is just a suggestion:

it's great to see that we are building up a useful archive of information about Mongolian and the factors contributing to various decisions. I hope we will be able to find and follow the threads of information later, given the length of some of the mail threads. I thought i'd make some suggestions that may help with that.

One way to make that archive more useable is to pay careful attention to email subjects before sending email.

for example, i just read an email about U+1885-Baluda and the 
U+1886-TripleBaluda under the subject "Mongolian NNBSP
[I18N-ACTION-458]". It may be that an alternative, and more specific subject heading would make it easier to find that information in the future.

if we try to keep threads focused on one topic, and when branching to another then we pick a mail subject carefully, i think that may help us in the future.

just a thought,

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