Problem with its:version on its:rules


while I was doing more testing on NVDL schema I found one problem with
the current design of ITS. The problem is illustrated in

  <its:rules xmlns:its=""
   its:version="1.0" its:translate="no">
   <its:locNoteRule locNoteType="alert" selector="//msg[@id='DisableInfo']">
    <its:locNote>The variable {0} has three possible values: 'printer',
    'stacker' and 'stapler options'.</its:locNote>
  <msg id="DisableInfo">The {0} has been disabled.</msg>

As you can see there is its:translate="no" on its:rules to specify that
content of this element should not be translated. At the same time
version of ITS is specified by namespaced its:version attribute.

This situation creates big problem for NVDL validation. In order to
attach required its:version attribute to its:rules element for
validation it is necessary to attach all attributes from ITS namespace
to its:rules element. This will attach also its:translate attribute
which is of course not allowed on its:rules by ITS schema.

The best solution of this problem is to use unnamespaced version
attribute on its:rules. I already suggested this
but my proposal was rejected.

I'm asking for reevaluating of this decision because it goes against
common design practice used by another W3C specs (e.g. XSLT) and it
makes impossible to create general schema for validating arbitrary
document with embedded ITS markup. I would be glad if this issue should
go to the next meeting agenda.


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