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[ESW Wiki] Update of "its0908LinguisticMarkup" by GoutamSaha

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+ ''Joining or Conjunct'' Verb is a verb that is formed by a noun or adjective followed by a verb. Usage of such verbs is very common in Indian languages e.g, in Bengali- Sanchai (savings) Koro (do) i.e, in English- to save, and Manush (Man) Kora (do) or in English- to bring up. 
+ However, there are many usages of such verbs with special sense / meaning (pragmatic), e.g, Mukh (Mouth) Kora (do) ie, to rebuke in English, Mukh (mouth) Kholo (open) ie, to protest in English etc.
+ Markup for such special usage of verb is shown below.
+ {{{
+ <!-- Markup to express pragmatics of special usage of Verbs (in Bengali) -->
+ <pos_cat name="noun" meaning="office's">Officer</pos_cat> 
+ <pos_cat name="noun" meaning="prag_livelihood">Anno</pos_cat> 
+ <!-- Dictionary meaning of "Anno" is Rice (or bread) -->
+ <pos_cat name="noun" meaning="my">Aamar</pos_cat> 
+ <pos_cat name="verb" meaning="prag_ about to loose">Utthte Cholechhe </pos_cat> 
+ <!-- Dictionary meaning of "Utthte" is "to rise" and "Cholechhe" means "to run or go" --> |
+ <!-- English meaning of the sentence- "(I am) about to loose my (office) job" -->
+ }}}
  ''A noun is a naming word.''
  ''Proper Noun'' names a specific people or place or thing (e.g. Goutam, Kolkata, India).
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