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Re: Linguistic Markup language

From: Goutam Kumar Saha <goutam.k.saha@cdackolkata.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 15:26:56 +0530
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To: "Jose" <jose_stephen@cdactvm.in>
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Dear Mr Jose Stephen,
Thanks for the mail.
Such ambiguity exists in all human languages. The "meaning" attribute along with the "name" and "type" attributes, used in CLM are intended to resolve such difficult  problem. Word sense ambiguity based language specific issues will definitely get solved by the 3rd attribute: meaning whereas, the POS ambiguity gets solved by the name and type categories. Please note the following tips in between your text.
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  From: Jose 
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  Subject: Linguistic Markup language

   Dear Sir ,
  After going through the draft for Linguistic Markup language we find the following  tags for POS tier will be needed in Malayalam. We are giving some examples and 

  explanation for their inclusion also included below.
  1.       <pos_cat name="adverb" meaning="slowly"> melle melle</pos_cat>

           [ Goutam- for such words say, "mellemelle, " you may use the following tag:
              <pos_cat name="adverb" type="abstract" meaning="very slowly">mellemelle</pos_cat>
             <pos_cat name="adverb" type="repetitive" meaning="slowly">melle melle</pos_cat>]

      mellemelle-"melle" and" melle" have the same meaning(slowly). But when joined    together get a word "mellemelle" meaning "very slowly"
      But in some other words like 'podipodichu', it can be diffused into "podi"+"podichu",
      but the combination-"podipodichu" is different from the two ,meaning 'it was grand"
      <pos_cat name="adjective" meaning="it was grand"> podipodichu</pos_cat>

  Addition of two new types may be needed in Malayalam their relevance and examples are shown below 

  2    echo words -  echo words which are combinations of  two words with different  meanings .
       <pos_cat name="noun" type="echo word" meaning="jumble"> Hotch-potch  </pos_cat>

       <pos_cat name="noun" type="echo word" meaning="noise"> kalapila  </pos_cat>

      [Goutam- <pos_cat name="noun" type="echo" meaning="very slowly">Hotch-potch</pos_cat>]

  3  language specific honorific words - 
      <pos_cat name="pronoun" type="honorific" meaning="You"> avidunnu </pos_cat> in this example, the word "avidunnu" carries  a meaning
     "you",but it has got yet another meaning- "from there"
     <pos_cat name="pronoun" type="honorific" meaning="sir"> thampuran</pos_cat>in this example, the word "thampuran" carries  a meaning
     "sir",but it has got yet another meaning- "almighty"

     [Goutam-  <pos_cat name="pronoun" type="honorific" meaning="sir"> thampuran</pos_cat>
                       <pos_cat name="pronoun" type="honorific" meaning="almighty"> thampuran</pos_cat>]

  Whether we  need to sent a tagged malayalam passage to show the relevance of the tags. If so do we need to translate or transliterate the passage so that you can understand it. Meanwhile as we going deep many new types may be evolved. 
  Please comment on this.

  [ Goutam- Please send the transliterated tagged Malayalam passage so that people of other languages can undersatnd it. 
                     No problem for CLM even if new types get evolved.  Good Effort Jose ! ]

  Thanking you
  Jose Stephen
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