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Character spacing in Indian Languages is used . In some of the languages like Bengali it is more prevalent .  In Hindi , which is the largest speaking language in India the  character spacing is sometimes used. Also it is used for decorative style of writing such as Newspaper Column , banner etc. 
Some of the examples are attached [Pl see images] Similar examples could be found  other South Indian Languages.
W3C India and language experts in India are trying to find out unified solution to this problem by defining a logic for formation of Indic syllables.  The draft definition is  available at"> [Section 5 &6] 
We have also submitted error tracking at Bugzilla , which require thorough testing and evaluation. We are also producing generalized Indian Languages script behaviour .

We also need to study the Unicode Line Breaking (UAX #14)  and Text-Segmentation (UAX#29) algorithms , which may require some modifications to suit the Indian Languages requirements.
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