Re: Letter spacing in Indic scripts

Dear Richard,

Indic scripts do letter spacing. They are sometimes used in posters and
word puzzle in newspaper/magazines,  etc. We have tested letter spacing
property in some of the Indian languages on various browsers. The test
results of Hindi are available at
<>*   in horizontal
spacing section. Letter spacing does well in Mozilla and at some browsers
conjuncts character are broken. The expected result is also shown in the


Prashant Verma

W3C India

On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 11:25 PM, Richard Ishida <> wrote:

> Dear Indic layout taskforce,
> CSS3 Text defines a letter-spacing property at
> I have two questions on behalf of the i18n WG:
> [1] do indic scripts do letter-spacing?
> [2] if they do, what happens for scripts with a bar, such as Devanagari?
> Is the bar continuous or broken?
> I suppose another question would be whether there are any other
> idiosynchrasies involved for indic scripts, such as unequal spacing, etc.
> The CSS3 Text spec is at the end of the Last Call period, so the spec
> authors would appreciate a quick response on this.
> Thanks,
> Richard


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