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ASCII case-insensitive matching
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Code point
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Code point. A code point value represents the position of a character in 
a coded character set. For example, the code point for the letter á in 
the Unicode coded character set is 225 in decimal, or 0xE1 in 
hexadecimal notation. Hexadecimal notation is commonly used for 
referring to code points. See also Unicode code point 
A code pointis a Unicode code point and is represented as "U+" followed 
by four-to-six ASCII upper hex digits 
<>, in the range 
U+0000 to U+10FFFF, inclusive. A code point 
<>’s valueis its underlying 

A code point <> may be followed 
by its name, by its rendered form between parentheses when it is not 
U+0028 or U+0029, or by both. Documents using the Infra Standard are 
encouraged to follow code points 
<> by their name when they 
cannot be rendered or are U+0028 or U+0029; otherwise, follow them by 
their rendered form between parentheses, for legibility.

A code point <>’s name is 
defined in Unicode and represented in ASCII uppercase 
<>. [UNICODE] 

Code unit.
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Code unit. The units of data used by a character encoding 
<> to encode 
or serialize characters into a programming language or other serialized 
form (such as a file). Common code units are 8-, 16-, and 32-bits in 
size. On the Web we are mostly concerned with /bytes/, which are 
technically "8-bit code units". However, in Javascript a |char| is a 
16-bit code unit (related to the UTF-16 encoding of Unicode)
A stringis a sequence of unsigned 16-bit integers, also known as code 
units. A string <> is also known as 
a JavaScript string <>. Strings 
<> are denoted by double quotes and 
monospace font.

*/Scalar value/*
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*//*/Scalar value/, see Unicode scalar value 


A scalar valueis a code point 
<> that is not a surrogate 

Surrogate code point

Surrogate code point. Unicode definition 
<>: "A Unicode 
code point in the range U+D800..U+DFFF. Reserved for use by UTF-16, 
where a pair of surrogate code units (a high surrogate followed by a low 
surrogate) “stand in” for a supplementary code point 
This term is also defined by [INFRA 


A surrogateis a leading surrogate 
<> or a trailing 
surrogate <>.

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