Re: agenda+ Get your W3C Zoom account and switch your group to use it before end of June

Does this affect those of us who have been using personal Zoom
accounts to log into WG meetings?  In other words, if it merely
affects the group's Zoom meetings and associated accounts, is
there any reason for the rest of us to be concerned about it.
If, on the other hand, with W3C Zoom setup somehow requires W3C
Zoom logins, that could be a terrible problem for those of us
who use Zoom for other things -- Zoom does not make switching
account easy.


--On Wednesday, April 26, 2023 16:14 +0100 r12a <>

> [from PLH]
> All,
> If you don't have a W3C Zoom account yet, you need to get one
> and switch
> your Group to use the W3C Zoom before the end of June 2023.
> Simply ask me for one and I'll create it.
> ...
> Beyond June 2023, we will no longer provide help nor support
> for MIT
> Zoom accounts (in other words, you'll need to deal directly
> with MIT if
> you encounter a problem).
> A query done by Jean-Gui on April 18 [1] returned the
> following meetings
> that are using MIT WebEx or Zoom. We know it's only a subset
> since not
> all of the Groups are properly using the W3C calendar yet.
> ...
> W3C Internationalization Working Group Teleconference
> ...

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