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agenda+ Providing language enablement requirements documents

agenda+ uievents-code and uievents-key

Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

Event Canceled: I18N ⇔ CSS

Event Canceled: W3C Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

Event Canceled: W3C Internationalization Working Group Teleconference (canceled)

Event Invitation: I18N ⇔ CSS

Event Invitation: W3C Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

Event Updated: I18N ⇔ CSS

Event Updated: W3C Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

For review: Font styles & font fallback

I18N-ACTION-1212: Merge specdev pr 80 and copy glossary items to glossary

I18N-ACTION-1213: Reply to webauthn#1642

I18N-ACTION-1214: Finalize and publish font styles and fallbacks doc

I18N-ACTION-1215: Schedule call with css + i18n including "font fallbacks"

I18N-ACTION-1216: Add new string requirements in specdev pointing to design-principles doc

I18N-ACTION-1217: Respond to gpuweb#2780 with request for issue in text or read our docs

I18N-ACTION-1218: Update questionnaire for self-review and ping plh to fix robot to match

I18N-ACTION-1219: Add mastodon @webi18n to our website and other references

I18N-ACTION-1220: Update deprecated character handling in file names in specdev

I18N-ACTION-1221: Read r12a's article on generic font families

I18N-ACTION-1222: With florian triage richard's article into a list of potential generics

I18N-ACTION-1223: Triage all css properties to determine which are logical, physical, or na by default

I18N-ACTION-1224: Prepare proposal for file name addition for unicode

I18N-ACTION-1225: Fix boilerplate footer to contain mastodon link

I18N-ACTION-1226: Publish new tamil and thai lreq docs for additional review

I18N-ACTION-1227: Respond to miniapp#7

I18N-ACTION-1228: Add additional character reference text to s4.10 of specdev

New Thai requirements document

Possible way to show text in images

REMINDER: ***NO*** Internationalization WG teleconference this week

Suggested indic/arabic edits for string search

Weekly github digest (I18n repos)

Weekly github digest (Review comments)

Weekly github digest (Tracker items)

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