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   let me post before the call, that I could forget to comment during call... (always in bad memory..)

On 2022/08/24 01:14, r12a wrote:
> NEW:

> OLD:

> I uploaded a proposed rewrite of this page, per our discussion on Thursday. Please take a look before the meeting, so that we know whether to proceed to publication.

1. character or code points?

   In the first section,
> The fourth letter could be stored in memory as a precomposed (single) character
> as a decomposed sequence of U+0061 LATIN SMALL LETTER A followed by U+0301 COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT (two characters). 

   these two "character" should be "code point"??

2. i18n checker

   When I've put the page into i18n checker referenced at the last section, I've got
> Non-NFC class or id names : None

   This page surely have both NFC and NFD class name in example part. Is this usage

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