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I have added this (and other items) to the agenda. We have a substantial amount of work for our call tomorrow, so be prepared for me to be “efficient”.


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Addison Phillips

Chair (W3C Internationalization WG)


Internationalization is not a feature.

It is an architecture.




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Subject: agenda+ Which definition of whitespace to use?


Specdev currently has

But this recommends 3 approaches, only 2 of which make it to the mustard, and it's still not clear to me which to use when.  

Other questions include:
- do we really want to recommend the use of Z property, especially given that it doesn't include obvious ASCII whitespace characters? Where did this recommendation come from?
- why are RLM and LRM included as whitespace in some definitions, but not RLI, LRI, PDI, etc.?

It would be great if we could discuss this tomorrow.


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