Re: agenda+ Unicode FAQ on Unicode & the Web

An update from Asmus:

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Subject:  Proposed Changes to Unicode And the Web FAQ page
Date:  Tue, 12 Jul 2022 19:39:10 -0700
From:  Asmus Freytag <>
To:  Editorial Committee <>

I have posted some proposed changes to the Unicode and the Web FAQ page 
on my personal folder:

I suggest that we review this set of suggestions either offline
or at the next meeting. If you have comments, I'll be happy
to improve this draft.


PS: Some notes:

This is a COMPLETE REWRITE. Richard gave some useful feedback and after 
that, there was too little left to mark individual changes. Please look 
at the old version to check if there's something that used to be there 
that you think needs to be brought forward.

Overall, the whole way of dealing with character sets has changed since 
this was originally written.

However, there are some topics related to the "web" that go beyond 
selecting a character set.

Some may need to be taken up, others we might be able to point to 
external sources, like the various tutorials or W3C spec.

I expect lots of comments on this one, and will incorporate any that 
anyone raises. I don't require marked-up text. A simple e-mail will do, 
as long as the context is clear and the suggestions actionable.

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