Re: I18N-ACTION-1157: Create jlreq-d repo

hi Atsushi,

Thanks for doing that.

I think it would be better to have a sentence appear when someone tries 
to open, saying something like "This page 
has yet to be developed".  Also, a note in parens after the link in the 
readme saying "(TBD)" might be useful.  Otherwise, it's not immediately 
obvious to people that they are not experiencing an error when they try 
to see the page.

Also, we should add a link to this repo from the main jlreq repo (under 

And a short description of the aims of the document would be good in the 
readme (of the jlreq-d repo).


Atsushi Shimono (W3C Team) wrote on 06/06/2022 15:38:
> On 2022/06/02 23:34, Internationalization Working Group Issue Tracker 
> wrote:
>> I18N-ACTION-1157: Create jlreq-d repo
>> Assigned to: Atsushi Shimono
>   Created and configured as similar to jlreq at: 
>   Added skelton-ish files, with blank index.html. I believe JL-TF will 
> mostly use issues for
> a while. (and/or bulk memos in /docs/ as similar to jlreq repository.)

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