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!!the meeting is now!! Re: W3C I18N & Accessibility; ISO 639 language codes

Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

FYI: Three APA FPWDs which may be of interest

I18N-ACTION-813: Update and submit 607 to whatwg (email addresses)

I18N-ACTION-814: Create new issue against whatwg cloning html:1011 (our 396)

I18N-ACTION-815: Publish tips for linking to headings and figures for wide review

I18N-ACTION-816: Raise issue 157 with whatwg as a question

I18N-ACTION-817: Respond to the plain unicode string thread seeking more clarification

I18N-ACTION-818: Set up tpac2019 agenda wiki

I18N-ACTION-819: Publish "internationalization tips for linking to headers and figures"

I18N-ACTION-820: Create the horizontal review bill of rights in wiki

I18N-ACTION-821: Contact leonie about hr and discussing hr at tpac

I18N-ACTION-822: Approve observer to alan bird

I18N-ACTION-823: Add text to specdev in the language tags section explaining well-formed, validity, etc.

I18N-ACTION-824: Ask dom if every repo can be set up with labels and notification

I18N-ACTION-825: Reach out to css (chairs, xfq) and plh to discuss progress of specs in charter

I18N-ACTION-826: Ping rossen about time to meet css about text

I18N-ACTION-827: Contact wendy reed regarding treatment of language in pub manifest

I18N-ACTION-828: Ask group to read string-meta and provide feedback

I18N-ACTION-829: Raise string-meta problem at chairs lunch

I18N-ACTION-830: Check with unicode about the status of bliss symbol encoding

I18N-ACTION-831: Consider a proposal on title/meta for whatwg and report back

I18N-ACTION-832: Check with Unicode ESC and UTC on CSS 337: can emoji be EA Width of Ambiguous

I18N-ACTION-833: Follow up on with unicode

I18N-ACTION-834: Follow up on feedback on automation requirements from telecon pinging addison with any questions (see minutes)

I18N-ACTION-835: Review our issue 685 and check if wot has implemented the text we would support for direction in td

I18N-ACTION-836: Follow up on open dcat issues and update transreq as needed

I18N-ACTION-837: Contact Unicode, JCK, others about potential URL service for BCP47

pre-CR review of I18N issues for WoT Thing Description [I18N-ACTION-835]

Questions about properties for new Unicode characters

W3C I18N & Accessibility; ISO 639 language codes

Weekly github digest (I18n repos)

Weekly github digest (Review comments)

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