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[Bug 15489] forms: <input type=email> validation needs to be updated for EAI

[webidl] Serialization of natural language (TAG issue 178) [I18N-ACTION-623]

Daily github digest (WG INTERNAL review issues)

I18N-ACTION-609: Write to chaals and html indicating our preferences (see minutes) regarding handling of ruby in html

I18N-ACTION-610: Start working on what a new version or update for ruby annotation would look like

I18N-ACTION-611: Contact martin to see if unicode-xml will be worked on soon so that wg can decide if alternate next steps are needed

I18N-ACTION-612: Create a bidi/lang recommendations document in order to go to tag

I18N-ACTION-613: Add pictures of successful rendering to bidi strings doc

I18N-ACTION-614: Ping anne about encoding tests (reviewing, etc.)

I18N-ACTION-615: Finalize floating time article for publication

I18N-ACTION-616: Update unicode-xml to indicate current status

I18N-ACTION-617: Give addison access to i18n-drafts

I18N-ACTION-618: Create a short document about making direction default recommendation to be 'auto' and send to www-international@ for review

I18N-ACTION-619: Notify html that we completed 5.2 and don't have comments

I18N-ACTION-620: Check unicode-xml publication via echidna

I18N-ACTION-621: File additional issue on imsc related to font selection and "recommended character sets" section

I18N-ACTION-622: Forward poe/ordl comments on behalf of bert

I18N-ACTION-623: Reach out to webidl regarding tag-issue-178

I18N-ACTION-624: Publish qa-floating-time for wide review

I18N-ACTION-625: Check status of html eai issue and reopen as necessary

I18N-ACTION-626: Notify semantic sensor network ontology folks that review is complete

I18N-ACTION-627: Pull together "requirements for language and direction information in data formats" draft

I18N-ACTION-628: Send to list the documents to be combined

I18N-ACTION-629: Set up notifications for push-api

I18N-ACTION-630: Raise push-api comments after r12a sets up notifications

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Weekly github digest (Review comments)

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