I18N-ISSUE-497: avoid listing whitespace characters ??? [find-text]

I18N-ISSUE-497: avoid listing whitespace characters ⓟ [find-text]


Raised by: Addison Phillips
On product: find-text


In the Terminology section there is a definition of 'whitespace':

A whitespace character is any character with the Unicode character property "WSpace=Y", including the following codepoints: U+0009 (character tabulation); U+000A (line feed); U+000B (line tabulation); U+000C (form feed); U+000D (carriage return); U+0020 (space); U+0085 (next line); U+00A0 (no-break space); U+1680 (ogham space mark); U+2000 (en quad); U+2001 (em quad); U+2002 (en space); U+2003 (em space); U+2004 (three-per-em space); U+2005 (four-per-em space); U+2006 (six-per-em space); U+2007 (figure space); U+2008 (punctuation space); U+2009 (thin space); U+200A (hair space); U+2028 (line separator); U+2029 (paragraph separator); U+202F (narrow no-break space); U+205F (medium mathematical space); U+3000 (ideographic space)..

Listing these whitespace characters is both incomplete and probably not a good idea. It would be better to refer to the Unicode property (http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr44/#White_Space) or to Unicode character class Z (all of the subclasses). You might then give a few examples, but this list is necessarily incomplete.

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