Spec developer techniques

[sent to public-i18n-core since this is still very early draft]


in the past couple of telecons we discussed the idea of improving our 
outreach and information for spec developers. The goal is to document as 
many useful guidelines as possible so that WGs can self-direct wrt i18n 
topics from and early stage in their spec development process, and 
hopefully therefore reduce the burden on us during review and subsequent 

over the past few days i have done the following:

[a] added the information at

[b] simplified the markup and styling for the latter page, to make it 
easier to update in future

[c] created
as a place where we can add explanations, examples and rationales for 
the checklist items in
This doc is in github, so proposals for text can be submitted that way.

these are just early hacks at the information – please review and make 
suggestions for improvements. As well as comments on what's there, your 
suggestions can include proposed explanatory text as well as proposals 
for additional recommendations. While we are doing reviews, we should 
keep in mind that any comments we make should be converted to guidelines 
where possible.


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