[Bug 17859] Mechanism to enable localisation of form controls and other locale-specific data


--- Comment #28 from Ian 'Hixie' Hickson <ian@hixie.ch> ---
(In reply to Addison Phillips from comment #25)
> The page author has no control now. Isn't that an issue?

Yes. I don't think anyone is arguing that we shouldn't provide authors with a
way to control this.

If we want a mechanism to turn localisation on or off, then CSS is probably the
best place for it, not the markup. In the markup, if we have a mechanism, it
should just be a way to specify the locale. If we believe lang="" is sufficient
for that, then there's nothing to add to the markup; we only need a mechanism
to turn it on, which would be in CSS. If lang="" isn't enough, then we can have
a new mechanism (e.g. locale=""), and then the presence of that mechanism can
force the localisation on, and then we don't need something in CSS (though we
probably still want it, long-term).

(In reply to Cameron Jones from comment #26)
> I'm not that sure that mindless copy/paste should be a design consideration.

It's one of the main ways that Web development happens.

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