[Bug 17859] Mechanism to enable localisation of form controls and other locale-specific data


--- Comment #27 from Cameron Jones <cmhjones@gmail.com> ---
A more concrete use case to consider is that of multi-lingual websites which
offer the ability for a user to choose their desired language through website
controls - there are lots of examples of this within europe, notably:


In this case the website locale setting is out-of-band information wrt HTTP and
the inference of the browser. The site will ignore any Accept-Language header
and instead use proprietary cookie values for language settings.

The website will return a translated and localized page in the user's locale of
choice, however due to an auto-localization policy defined by local browser
settings there is no way for the website to control the localization of page

The effect of this is the inability for a website to provide a localized
experience for their user due to the lack of control over auto-localization.

An additional consideration regardless of introducing an auto-localization
switch is the effect that auto-localization has within CSS. 

Currently the :lang pseudo-class is used to target rules against the language
resolution algorithm in HTML. The effect of auto-localization is that :lang no
longer reflects the locale used for localizing data, so there is no way to
target styles for locales.

With this being the case, there may be an additional need to introduce a
:locale pseudo-class to CSS which factors in auto-localization and the user

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