I18N-ISSUE-371: Choice of encoding details [encoding]

I18N-ISSUE-371: Choice of encoding details [encoding]


Raised by: Addison Phillips
On product: encoding


Comment from Martin Duerst:

This is a Last Call comment on 

Extensive tests conducted by a student of mine have shown that for 
single-byte encodings, Opera <=12 (i.e. Presto rendering engine) is the 
most conformant, often perfect, while other rendering engines have more 

As an example, for "windows-874", Presto is perfectly conforming, while 
Firefox shows 23 errors, and IE, Chrome, Safari, and Opera >=16 show 
exactly the same 8 errors.

If the goal of this spec, as I understand, is to help browsers 
transition to uniform treatment of encodings, and if this allegedly can 
be best achieved by considering browser market share, then some of the 
encoding definitions should be carefully revisited.

When it comes to passing CR, does the WG intend to count the old Opera 
browser? I don't think this would be appropriate, because this browser 
is no longer being developed or distributed.

Received on Thursday, 10 July 2014 04:02:51 UTC