Re: We are a bit late...

On Aug 2, 2011, at 10:43 PM, Phillips, Addison wrote:

> Hi Maciej,
> Thanks. We'll do our best to get everything in by the deadline and update as needed. This may even result in closing some comments ;-).
> Point of order: is it okay to create new subsidiary bugs? I personally find "expansive" bugs to be something to avoid.

Splitting an existing bug into finer-grained components is likely acceptable. But please don't take this as license to file an extremely vague bug as a placeholder for detailed comments that you don't actually have ready.

In any case, feedback that misses the LC deadline will still be considered in CR or in any subsequent Last Calls, so missing it is not the end of the world. But obviously we'd love to have thorough I18N WG feedback.


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