RE: I18N-ACTION-40: CSS Selectors and Normalization (new response)

> >
> > That said, the Namespaces problem and the Selectors problem are
> > similar problems (from opposite sides). As a result, we can either:
> Actually, they have one major difference: Namespaces do not interact with
> anything outside CSS. Their matching is entirely internal to CSS, so problems
> involving normalization of the source markup or the DOM do not apply.

The matching is entirely internal to CSS, so a stronger normalization requirement could be applied to matching (if we were so inclined). However, I don't believe that this really alters the recommendation as given. Or are you suggesting that namespace prefixes ought to require a specific normalization form (in order to be valid)?


Received on Wednesday, 25 May 2011 16:14:24 UTC