Request for example (was I18N-ISSUE-7: Paragraphs and inline content [WOFF])

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Richard Ishida wrote:
 > The paragraph and span markup would allow for the application of directional markup (see the comment about dir attribute) in this content.  For example, to achieve correct display of a bidirectional title of a work on which a font is based, or to quote a paragraph in a language with a different base direction (quite possible in a text element with lang=ar inside a description element). 

It would, yes. We request some sample text strings, in UTF-8, which we could mark up to demonstrate:

- English (or some other Latin-based language) quoting the name of a Hebrew work

- An Arabic description of a font, quoting both a Hebrew and a (some  Latin-based language) font as influences

If you can think of additional examples which would illustrate some useful combination of attributes,please feel free to suggest them in addition.

In each case we would also like the same text in English, to allow English-language specification readers to follow the example.

The names of fonts, designers and quoted works may of course be fictitious if desired.

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