[Bug 10818] i18n comment 14 : title and alt attribute direction and two new attributes: titledir and altdir


--- Comment #8 from Addison Phillips <addison@lab126.com> 2010-10-15 03:59:58 UTC ---
We generally claim that we want people to use markup instead of the Unicode
bidi controls. And we've gone out of our way to provide a 'dir' attribute on
just about anything that might require it. So it seems like a strange oversight
to have one place in which the author must explicitly provide the invisible and
otherwise deprecated control characters.

What's more, the title and alt attributes are often rendered using native
controls (such as tooltips) rather than in the page render space controlled by
the user agent. It isn't clear if the Unicode controls will always have the
desired affect there (some API might need to be called or the controls might
even show as 'tofu' empty box glyphs).

You're correct that we don't provide the other modifications, such as styling
or language, that might occasionally be useful. But generally an unadorned
string can be rendered legibly by the user-agent with such additional cruft.
However, bidi is different (see examples above).

Finally, attributes, like much else, are scriptable or dynamically generated.
Attribute values are much easier to assign when appropriate than it is to add
Unicode bidi controls on the fly.

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