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(In reply to comment #5)
> Regarding the second issue in comment 4, you can do that today by just having
> two nested elements, one outer one with the dir="" and title="" attributes, and
> one inner one with the dir="" attribute and text. Given that it's already
> possible, and that this is a rather rare case, 

My understanding is that, while it indeed is a rare case for people using ltr
scripts, it is much more common for people using rtl scripts, because text in
Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc commonly mixes in Latin or other ltr text. Note that
it only takes a comma (eg. in a list), period (eg. Inc.), parentheses (eg. an
abbreviation), or other simple punctuation to make things turn out badly. It's
not only for bidirectional text. I can think of several examples quite easily.

For instance, suppose you want to put a title attribute on some text that I
just found on one of the W3C Office pages like this (upper case = Arabic):

... <a href="http://..." title="Moroccan Internet Society (MISOC)">MOROCCAN

You would currently see the following, where the [ ] indicates a tooltip:

[(Moroccan Internet Society (MISOC]

Which of course looks badly broken. To make that look right you'd have to
resort to kludge code that I think is time consuming, error prone, and so
plainly a hack that it must feel a bit like a slap in the face to the many
millions of people who use rtl scripts:

... <span title="Moroccan Internet Society (MISOC)" dir=ltr><a
href="http://..." dir=rtl>MOROCCAN INTERNET SOCIETY</a></span> ...

After a few cases of that you also get pretty fed up that HTML doesn't just do
this cleanly.

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