Re: css3-text- Indic Inputs

On Fri, Oct 8, 2010 at 8:19 AM, Somnath Chandra <> wrote:
> Hello Fantasai & Richards,
> Kindly find the draft inputs indicating the indic language styling
> requirements. Kindly visit the following link.

Thanks for the document, Somnath!

In section 3, you give the sorting order for characters in various
Indic languages.  In section 6, you describe how the current list
numbering used by various software is incorrect for Indic languages.
As well, you state that even between languages that share a script,
the proper ordering for list bullets is different.

Could you provide more detail on what is correct for each language?
The CSS3 Lists module should have all the tools necessary to define
appropriate list numbering for every language.

To be precise, for each language you're interested in, I could use the

1. If the language has a numbered list type (similar to English's 1,
2, 3, 4...), I need the characters used for the digits, in order,
starting with 0 and going up.

2. If the language has an alphabetic list type (similar to English's
A, B, C, D, ...), I need the characters used for the bullets, in

3. If the language has a more complex numbering scheme, like Tamil or
Hebrew, I need details on exactly how to construct the representation
of each number.

Thanks in advance!


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