[Bug 10152] [polyglot] i18n comment 5 : Mention lang and xml:lang


--- Comment #2 from I18n Core WG <public-i18n-core@w3.org> 2010-10-07 17:38:24 UTC ---
I like the wording in section 7.2.  I think that that is sufficient. 

Wrt the http-equiv, I think that just not mentioning it in your text, as you
do, is fine. No XML parser will pick up on the http-equiv, regardless of what
browsers do, so you need to use xml:lang, but if you use xml:lang you must use
lang too, and therefore you don't need to use the http-equiv. I don't think
it's necessary to actually say all that though, especially as we are still
waiting to hear the fate of the http-equiv for Content-Language, and the spec
currently says it's obsolete.

I wondered whether it might be better to reverse the two paragraphs. (Since the
second refers to 'the' attributes which are defined in the second para.) Just a

The other thing you could say if you want to be thorough is that the values of
both lang and xml:lang must be the same, eg. "Neither attribute is to be used
without the other, and the values must be the same."

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