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On Mon, 04 Oct 2010 23:32:46 +0200, Scott Wilson  
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> Actually, just to totally contradict myself, we implemented the locale  
> attribute of the Widget interface and forget to take it out again when  
> it was removed from the spec :-)

The functionality Addison wants would most logically be defined in The  
Widget Interface, no?


> On 30 Sep 2010, at 20:37, Scott Wilson wrote:
>> On 30 Sep 2010, at 16:51, Phillips, Addison wrote:
>>> Hi Art,
>>> No, I don't think it does. While the means by which the (user/system  
>>> default) locale is determined may be implementation dependent, it is  
>>> still necessary that the runtime determine what it is. The Widget  
>>> interface thus needs to provide access to what it is. Otherwise how  
>>> can the script calling the interface determine what language it is  
>>> getting for the name, shortname, etc.? Or what locale the widget is  
>>> actually using in its runtime? Obtaining this would be useful if the  
>>> script were to request content or data formatting remotely (or do so  
>>> locally using the JavaScript I18N extension that is being developed).
>> At present in Wookie we generate a widget instance using localization  
>> parameters passed to our API, so the information you get from the  
>> widget interface will be localized. However for things like making AJAX  
>> calls to other services, you are correct that this information will not  
>> be available in the Widget runtime - seems like a reasonable UC.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Addison
>>> Addison Phillips
>>> Globalization Architect (Lab126)
>>> Chair (W3C I18N, IETF IRI WGs)
>>> Internationalization is not a feature.
>>> It is an architecture.
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>>>> Hi Addison,
>>>> On 9/7/10 6:06 PM, ext Phillips, Addison wrote:
>>>>> Hello Webapps WG,
>>>>> (This is a personal comment and is not necessarily indicative of
>>>> the I18N WG's opinion)
>>>>> In Section 5 (The Widget Interface), the interface provides for
>>>> retrieving values such as 'name', 'shortName', etc. In Widgets P&C,
>>>> these can be localized in the configuration document (I assume that
>>>> the configuration document in this document means the same document
>>>> as P&C??). There is no mention of whether or how this value is
>>>> localized or if the locale/language is subject to programmatic
>>>> control (I assume not, since it is not mentioned).
>>>>> Could there be an explicit mention of the language/locale and how
>>>> it interacts with user-agent? Can/should there be an accessor for
>>>> language? How about a way of querying the value by locale?
>>>> Support for locale was part of the Widget Interface spec but as we
>>>> worked through the localization model for the Packaging and
>>>> Configuration spec, we decided to remove it (at least for this
>>>> version
>>>> of the spec). The Packaging spec includes the gist of the
>>>> rationalization for this decision:
>>>> [[
>>>> As there are numerous ways a user agent can derive the end-user's
>>>> preferred languages and regional settings, the means by which those
>>>> values are derived are beyond the scope of this specification and
>>>> left
>>>> up to the implementation.
>>>> ]]
>>>> I suppose one could argue the Widget Interface implies the above
>>>> indirectly (via the reference to P&C spec). However, I don't see
>>>> any
>>>> harm if the above text were copied into the Interface spec. Would
>>>> doing
>>>> so address your concern?
>>>> -Art Barstow

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