Re: [XHTMLAccess] i18n comment 2: Keycode or character


We have tried to address this by making certain that people understand  
that "key" is
   an abstraction and does not correlate to a "key code".

Please see the latest editor's draft for full details.

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> Comment from the i18n review of:
> Comment 2
> At  
> Editorial/substantive: S
> Tracked by: RI
> Location in reviewed document:
> 3.1.2  
> []
> Comment:
> It isn't clear that this section has taken into account the potential  
> difference between key codes and the characters that may result from a  
> key press on a given keyboard. It seems to assume that the character on  
> a key cap == the key code identifier == the character produced by  
> pressing that key == the character that is the value of the key  
> attribute.
> This is not always the case when you take into account a variety of  
> keyboards serving various different locales.
> Please provide some precision as to how a key attribute value is  
> associated with keyboard events. (Note that this has proved to be a  
> difficult topic for the specification of DOM3 keyboard events.)

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