Re: New tutorial under way: Creating SVG Tiny Pages in Arabic & Hebrew

Hello Richard,

The title includes "Tiny", but the address doesn't.
Wouldn't it be better to have a tutorial for SVG, and
explain Tiny-specific stuff where necessary, or
alternatively to use the address ?

Regards,   Martin.

At 08:06 08/11/08, Richard Ishida wrote:
>I figured that while the information was still fresh in my brain after 
>doing all the tests, I should write a tutorial on how to use the bidi 
>features of SVG Tiny.
>Thought I'd let you know that I'm doing so.  You can find the text so far at 
>I'm building it off a similar tutorial for XHTML, and I'm about half way 
>through at the moment.
>I hope my SVG examples are ok. I'm no expert.
>PS: Chris, I did think about and look again at what we discussed on the 
>phone wrt first character determining direction and need for unicode-bidi 
>on svg tag, and I believe I was right. I've written the tutorial on that 
>basis.  Unicode-bidi embed is only needed for tspans, although unicode-bidi 
>override can be used effectively on text or textArea elements, I believe.  
>This is how CSS works, too.  (Elika clarified some of these things in her 
>discussions with Doug based on her experience writing the CSS stuff.)   See 
>for example, in the SVG Tiny text "For other cases, such as when using 
>right-to-left languages, it may be sufficient to add the 'direction'  
>property to the rootmost 'svg' element, and allow that direction to inherit 
>to all text elements, as in the following example..." (no mention of 
>unicode-bidi, on purpose) and "For the 'direction' property to have any 
>effect on an element that does not by itself establish a new text chunk 
>(such as the 'tspan' element in SVG 1.2 Tiny), the 'unicode-bidi' 
>property's value must be embed or bidi-override." (again referring 
>specifically to inline elements rather than block elements).
>Richard Ishida
>Internationalization Lead
>W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

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