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> In 6.1.1, it should be made clear that the styling language (e.g. CSS)
> must provide a prefix binding mechanism. It is also unclear what
> effect, if any, namespace declarations in the document being styled
> have on prefixes used in the stylesheet.

I agree that the selectors draft should say more than it does about this
point.  I propose the following:

 1. We add a new section with the following text (or restructure section
    11 a little to accomodate it):

      The language using selectors should define what namespace prefixes
      are <dfn>declared</dfn> when processing a selector.  If it does
      not, then no prefixes are declared.

    (I chose "should" over "may", but I don't feel strongly about it.)

 2. [Optionally] We hyperlink the relevant occurences of declare(d) in
    6.1.1, 6.2, 6.2.1, 6.3.3, 11, and 13 to this definition.

 3. We remove the thrice-repeated text:

      The mechanism for declaring a namespace prefix is left up to the
      language implementing Selectors. In CSS, such a mechanism is
      defined in the General Syntax module.

    which seems to have been a concern in i18n's comment 3.

Would this satisfy your concerns?


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